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  • F-IN-BOX is a developer's library to enhance Macromedia Flash Player ActiveX features. It does not use its own engine to display movies but provide a wrapper around official swflash.ocx/flash.ocx code instead. Thus it is possible to avoid certain Macromedia Flash Player ActiveX limitations.
  • Flajector is a program that converts flash movies (swf) to exe files. You can include a flash player in generated applications and they will use it. In other words, the applications will work even if no flash player is installed. Also, Flajector can create windowless applications from flash movies. You can extend your applications using plugins. Using standard classes you can work with files and more.
  • Deleaker is a run-time error detection and debugging tool for Visual C++ developers. Deleaker is a really useful add-in for Visual Studio 2003-2005 that helps you to analyze programming errors, many of which are unique to Visual C++. With Deleaker you can detect and localize resource leaks such as memory, GDI and USER objects, handles.
  • BoxedApp SDK is a developer library that provides a set of functions for emulating a file system and a system registry for an application. Using these functions, you can create virtual files, fake registry entries, keys and values. x86 and x64 are supported. Samples for C++, C#, VB.Net, VB6, Delphi, Builder C++ are available.
  • BoxedApp Packer is a developer utility for converting your regular full-fledged applications to single self-sustaining executable files that don't require the installation in order to be run. That literally means that you can squeeze all ActiveX controls, dynamic libraries, and just all kinds of files that your original application depends on into a single executable file and run it just as if that was a regular application installed the regular way.
  • FLV Encoder SDK is a developer tool (DLL) to create Flash Video Files (FLV). FLV Encoder SDK is able to create FLV, you can write it to a file or to a stream. With FLV Encoder SDK you can convert a media file (AVI, MPEG and so on) to a FLV file. If you can play a media file in Media Player (for example), FLV Encoder SDK can convert it to FLV file. FLV Encoder SDK uses uncompressed audio and Screen Video Encoder to compress video.
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